A merry band of swashbucklers, Popcorn Pirates Productions & p. are fun-loving content producers. Quirky and versatile, we are creative, diverse, and dedicated to their craft…..did we mention we’re also pirates? YARGH! 

Ok, back to business.

Using an integrated design approach, we’re a production company whose goal is to unite and empower the forgotten ones.

Although we’re a global production house, we’re interconnected with a bond based on similar tastes and philosophies. With these common values, PPP&p tell incredible, rich stories through film, commercials, and design.


Welcome aboard, landlubbers!


Who we are


Abdi is a creative producer extraordinaire. He has almost a decade of experience working on highly acclaimed projects.


Flor is a designer, a teacher and a cook. Worked a lot as a project manager. With a killer creative portfolio and experience in UX and Digital, she leads by example.


Miriam is our young director, ambitious and ready to take on new challenges- with a background in acting she brings a different perspective to the table.